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At The feel good Larder we are passionate about providing our wonderful customers with nothing but great tasting quality food.  Our food is simple, honest, handmade, delicious and gluten free.  Food that is good for you and good for the soul.

The feel good Larder

Here at The feel good Larder we are foodies and love our food.  We love cooking and creating yummy delights for everyone to enjoy.

Our mission is to serve you with great tasting delights.  Everything is grinded and chopped to create wholesome gluten free food. Meaning our food is jam packed full of flavour and quality that you crave for.  There is just no comparison to the stuff on the supermarket shelf.

 We focus on using incredible ingredients with nothing artificial in sight.  We may be about healthier eating and lifestyle but we all like to have a little sweetness and treat ourselves (also I love baking!!).  Our cakes are not too sweet and piled with icing.  They are sweet enough to give you that little sugar fix but allow the flavour of the fruit or spice to come through.

Gluten Free Never Tasted So Good.

 Best of all we are solely gluten free, meaning you get choice!   We Use only certified or naturally gluten free ingredients in all of our products.

Gluten free living

What is that thing called gluten?

Gluten becomes sticky when combined with liquid giving many foods that chewy texture and structure.

Gluten is a complex protein found in many different grains such as wheat, rye, barley and oats.

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I brought a Raspberry and Coconut muffin from yourself and it was one of the nicest muffins I’ve eaten, and the gingerbread slices were wonderful.  It was great to take a piece of cake out with me so that I did not have to watch my husband eat yummy cake while I had nothing.
Helena T

It’s great the seller knows exactly what is in all their goods.  Everything I have tried has been fabulous


Like you, I dislike over processed GF food avaliable, especially bread.  Yours is delicious and nutty and BREAD.

In fact it is crammed of wounderful things like nuts and seeds i think it looks like chip board!

Thank you again for my lovely chip board bread.


Fantastic choice, Fantastic customer service.


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