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Here at The feel good Larder my love for cooking began when I was younger and I received my Sylvanian’s Family magazine containing a ‘rocky road’ style recipe in it.  From what I recall it was amazing and I was hooked on cooking. Ever since then I have loved cooking and being in the kitchen.  Life has taken me in a slightly different direction than going to college to do a foody course, but nothing makes me happier than being in the kitchen and creating culinary delights which has led to the creation of The feel good Larder.  There is nothing more gratifying than a customer saying how much they enjoyed a product.

I have been wheat intolerant for over 12 years and since have led a gluten free diet and feel so much better for it.  The frustration of only being able to buy over processed gluten free food was huge, meaning I started to cook more and more, increasing my skills and knowledge in the kitchen.  I am always looking at my food magazines or a cookery book to get new ideas and inspiration.  Receiving our veg box has continued to increase my knowledge and awareness of fresh produce.

Stu (my better half) is also an important member of the team and at times he has the very vital job of taste testing new creations!  His passion lies more with coffee and getting his caffeine fix. He enjoys tinkering with the coffee bean to get the best grind from the bean to make a fantastic coffee.  He loves making and serving freshly ground coffee and is happy to answer any questions, and can be found at Boston Tea Party, Barnstaple.

We might be a small business but we pride ourselves in being friendly, reliable and the genuine article.

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