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Below are some of our lovely products that are available for order.

At The feel good Larder our mission is to provide you with lovingly crafted delights from our humble kitchen.  We focus on using incredible ingredients with nothing artificial in sight, meaning our food is bursting with flavour and that quality you crave for.

We may be about healthier eating and lifestyle but we all like to have a little sweetness and treat ourselves which is why we do cakes (also I do love baking!).  Our cakes are not too sweet and piled with icing.  They are sweet enough to give you that little sugar fix but also allow for the flavour of the fruit or spice to come through.

Once you have seen what you would like then contact us via email or on the contact form for further information.  If there is not a product shown below that you have tried at a market or an event then still contact us.  Please note we require at least 4 days notice prior to delivery date as we bake everything fresh to order.  Our products are unable to be posted. We can deliver within the local Bideford area or products can be collected from the local markets we trade at on the weekends.

Granola – (vegan)  min 400g

Packed full of quinoa flakes, nuts, seeds and dried fruit.  Great with lashings of yoghurt and fruit.

400g @ £ 4.00

Orange cake (8”) – DF

This cake has 2 whole oranges in it giving that lovely citrus flavour and adding moisture to the cake.

£ 15.00

Bakewell Tart (9” tart tin)

Good old traditional Bakewell topped with flaked almonds and with a lovely crispy almond pastry base.

£ 19.00

Apple & almond cake (8”)

My personal favourite. Lots of caramelised  apples piled on top of an almond flavoured sponge.  Great  with a good dollop of clotted cream.

£ 15.00

To place an order either give us a bell on 07789 865107, or complete the contact form

Raspberry & coconut muffins 

The sweetness of the coconut is a great combination with the raspberries.  The raspberries are frozen so these scrumptious muffins can be enjoyed all year around.

6 @ £ 8.50

Cherry & Coconut bites – DF    

A macaroon in disguise.  Perfect for a little treat.

5 @ £ 4.50

Savoury Products

Mini Corn Bread (4 x 150g loaf)            

This versatile bread goes with anything from a stew to a lovely crisp salad.  If you like some heat try it with jalapenos or have a more subtle flavour of sundried tomatoes.  Please note this can be ordered as a whole 8” square tin instead.

4 @ £ 6.80


These are a savoury bake, great with curries, soup and stews or lightly toast to dip in some hummus.

2 @ £ 5.20 or 5 @ £ 12.00

The Loaf – approx 500g

This is a lovely moist loaf.  Packed full of eggs, ground almonds and linseed’s to keep you going throughout the day.  This is great as a sandwich or lightly toasted with nut butter smothered over it.

£ 4.80

Multi grain flour loaf

5 different flours are used in this bread including Chestnut flour.  Making a scrummy gluten free bread that beats all that mass produced bread.  Will be frozen when delivered

Approx 350 g @ £ 4.00

To place an order either give us a bell on 07789 865107, or complete the contact form

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